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Of the Name of God
I beseech you to understand, Very Illustrious Sir Knights and Perfectly Illuminated Brethren, that this secret dependeth first and last upon the One Most High.
He is not one whom our minds may apprehend; and although our hearts dissolve in love, we may not attain to Him, for He abideth as the Sun of the Soul, that reflecteth Him indeed, but absorbeth Him not.
Now He is the Father that createth, the Word that transmitteth, and the Spirit that receiveth, as also the Spirit proceeding from the Father is the essence that writeth the Father to the Son; and this mystery is concealed in many sacred names that have been revealed to you, Very Illustrious Sir Knights and Perfectly Illuminated Brethren of our Ancient Order.
Learn therefore now this, the third motto of our Supreme Council, what it signifieth mystically: Deus est Homo, that is, God is Man.
The which sayeth that, As Above, So Below; As Without, so Within. There is no part of man that is not God; and there is no part of God that hath not its counterpart in man.
Now learn also this, that God is never to be known by Thee; for all Thou knowest is but Thy Creation as truly as Thou art His. Thou knowest him as Thou art He.
Now there are Three that bear witness in Heaven: the Father, the Word, and the Spirit; and these Three are One. And there are Three that bear witness on earth; the Spirit, the Water, and the Blood; and these Three are One.
In that Trinity IAO, I is the Father, A the Spirit, O the Word; and in this A the Spirit, M the Water, Sh the Blood; and in all these are 358, MShICh, Messiah, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in His death who gave up the Spirit, the Water and the Blood, as St. John beareth witness in his Evangel. Hence there is Jesus Christ Alpha and Omega, the symbol of the union of God and Man.
Here then is a second Trinity: God, God-man, man. And to this God-man our ancient Brethren have given many names.
And though this name of Jesus Christ hath been universally blasphemed by Christians, yet his Name hath been acknowledged by the true Brothers of the Rosie Crosse: and this which is written of Him in the Evangels and in the Epistles and the Apocalypse is true, if it be interpreted in light by the Adepts of the Stone.
For in God-man is our salvation; in Him we are both God and man. Yet the Testament thereof, being betrayed and given to the multitude, hath been profaned; as it is written, “Cast not your pearls before swine, lest they turn again and rend you!”
Therefore for their ill guarding of the secrets have the adepts been persecuted these two thousand years. So Thou to it, Very Illustrious Sir Knights, that through no fault of Thine the truth be lost. Trust not a stranger, fail not of an heir.

Yet of all these powers I name but seven, the glories of Eulis; the stars upon the foreheads of the Brothers of Hermetic Light.

This refers to the American ‘Brotherhood of Eulis’ founded by Paschal Beverly Randolph, & its spin-off group ‘The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor.’ Randolph founded ‘Fraternitas Rosae Crucis,’ the first Rosicrucian Fraternity in America (if one doesn’t count the 17th century Rosicrucian-inspired ‘Chapter of Perfection’ & ‘Society of the Woman in the Wilderness’ of Johannes Kelpius & Johann Jacob Zimmerman or the ‘Loge de Parfaits d’ Écosse’ of what would become New Orleans after the est. of the U.S.), & the HBOL inherited their documents (these were published in Deveney’s ‘Paschal Beverly Randolph: A Nineteenth-Century Black American Spiritualist, Rosicrucian, and Sex Magician’ & Godwin’s ‘The Hermetic Brotherhood of Luxor: Initiatic and Historical Documents of an Order of Practical Occultism’) following Randolph’s death. The teachings of the HBOL went on to greatly influence those of the O.T.O.


This is the Holy Hexagram.
Plunge from the height, O God, and interlock with
Plunge from the height, O Man, and interlock with
The Red Triangle is the descending tongue of grace;
the Blue Triangle is the ascending tongue of
This Interchange, the Double Gift of Tongues, the
Word of Double Power-ABRAHADABRA!-is
the sign of the GREAT WORK, for the GREAT
WORK is accomplished in Silence. And behold is
not that Word equal to Cheth, that is Cancer.
whose Sigil is ♋?
This Work also eats up itself, accomplishes its own
end, nourishes the worker, leaves no seed, is per-
fect in itself.
Little children, love one another!

The key to the understanding of this chapter is given
in the number and the title, the former being intelligible
to all nations who employ Arabic figures, the latter
only to experts in deciphering English puns.

The way to suck head, and the way to suck eggs. is the English pun that Crowley mentioned.

Cheth, Cancer, Binah, 69, Saturn, time, 8, BABALON, the STAR SAPPHIRE, the Cup/Chalice, the Holy Grail, the Royal Blood, the SHINING STAR, and the Vishuddha chakra are all connected.

Perhaps I should not have said that 36 & 69 are the same, but rather they are connected/associated with each other rather well.


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It hearkens to the same thing.

Well yes, but not exactly. They are different phases of the same Operation. The Holy Hexagram, as implied by the chapter number (69) & the lines “The Red Triangle is the descending tongue of grace; / the Blue Triangle is the ascending tongue of prayer,” refers to the oral preamble of the Operation itself. The Operation proper begins when the Officers “return to the Centre, and so to The Centre of All (making the Rosy Cross as he may know how),” the Rosy Cross being the Union proper. This is evident from the Signs in which the Operation is performed: those of Set Triumphant & Baphomet. The Sign of Set Triumphant (vide ‘Sign of Apophis’) has the appearance of a ‘Y’ & is assumed by the male. The Sign of Baphomet (vide ‘Sign of Mulier’) has the appearance of a ‘X’ & is assumed by the female. In the first the legs are together while the arms are raised in a ‘V’ shape, while in the second the arms are raised as before while the legs are spread in the shape of a Greek Lambda. When the Sign of Apophis is imposed over that of Mulier the resultant image is indicative of sexual intercourse. The Operation is completed with the appearance of Set in the Circle, which is then drunk & “communicated.” Set or “ShT” refers to the actual Sacrament. See Crowley’s veiled discussion thereon in his treatment of the Word LAShTAL from ‘Magick In Theory & Practice’:

“The World LAShTAL includes all this.
L is “Justice,” the Kteis fulfilled by the Phallus, “Naught and Two” because the plus and the minus have united in “love under will.”
A is “The Fool,” Naught in Thought (Parzival), Word (Harpocrates), and Action (Bacchus). He is the boundless air, and the wandering Ghost, but with “possibilities.” He is the Naught that the Two have made by “love under will.”
LA thus represents the Ecstasy of Nuit and Hadit conjoined, lost in love, and making themselves Naught thereby. Their child is begotten and conceived, but is in the phase of Naught also, as yet. LA is thus the Universe in that phase, with its potentialities of manifestation.
AL, on the contrary, though it is essentially identical with LA, shows “The Fool” manifested through the Equilibrium of Contraries. The wieght is still nothing, but it is expressed as it were two equal weights in opposite scales. The indicator still points to zero.
ShT is equally 31 with LA and AL, but it expresses the secret nature which operates the Magick or the transmutations.
ShT is the formula of this particular Æon; another æon might have another way of saying 31.
Sh is Fire as T is Force; conjoined they express Ra-Hoor-Khuit.
“The Angel” represents the Stèle 666, showing the Gods of the Æon, while “Strength” is a picture of Babalon and the Beast, the earthly emissaries of those Gods.
ShT is the dynamic equivalent of LA and AL. Sh shows the Word of the Law, being triple, as 93 is thrice 31. T shows the formula of Magic declared in that Word; the Lion, the Serpent, the Sun, Courage and Sexual Love are all indicated by the card. In LA note that Saturn or Satan is exalted in the House of Venus or Astarté and it is an airy sign. Thus L is Father-Mother, Two and Naught, and the Spirit (Holy Ghost) of their Love is also Naught. Love is AHBH, 13, which is AChD. Unity, 1, aleph. who is “The Fool” who is Naught, but none the less an individual One, who (as such) is not another, yet unconscious of himself until his Oneness expresses itself as a duality.
Any impression or idea is unknowable in itself. It can mean nothing until brought into relation with other things. The first step is to distinguish one thought from another; this is the condition of recognizing it. To define it, we must perceive its orientation to all our other ideas. The extent of our knowledge of any one thing varies therefore with the number of ideas with which we can compare it. Every new fact not only adds itself to our universe, but increases the value of what we already possess.
In AL this “The” or “God” arranges for “Countenance to behold countenance,” by establishing itself as an equilibrium, A the One-Naught conceived as L the Two-Naught. This L is the Son-Daughter Horus-Harpocrates just as the other L was the Father-Mother Set-Isis. Here then is Tetragrammaton once more, but expressed in identical equations in which every term is perfect in itself as a mode of Naught.
ShT supplies the last element; making the Word of either five or six letters, according as we regard ShT as one letter or two. Thus the Word affirms the Great Work accomplished: 5○=6□.
ShT is moreover a necessary resolution of the apparent opposition of LA and AL; for one could hardly pass to the other without the catalytic action of a third identical expression whose function should be to transmute them. Such a term must be in itself a mode of Naught, and its nature cannot encroach on the perfections of Not-Being, LA, or of Being, AL. It must be purely Nothing-Motion as they are purely Nothing-Matter, so as to create a Matter-in-Motion which is a function of “Something.”
Thus ShT is Motion in its double phase, an inertia compose of two opposite current, and each current is also thus polarized. Sh is Heaven and Earth, T Male and Female; ShT is Spirit and Matter; one is the word of Liberty and Love flashing its Light to restore Life to Earth, the other is the act by which Life claims that Love is Light and Liberty. And these are Two-in-One, the divine letter of Silence-in-Speech whose symbol is the Sun in the Arms of the Moon.
But Sh and T are alike formulæ of force in action as opposed to entities; they are not states of existence, but modes of motion. They are verbs, not nouns.
Sh is the Holy Spirit as a “tongue of fire” manifest in triplicity, and is the child of Set-Isis as their logos or Word uttered by their “Angel.” The card is XX, and 20 is the value of yod (the secret seed of all things, the Virgin, “The Hermit,” Mercury, the Angel or Herald) expressed in full as IVD. Sh is the spiritual congress of Heaven and Earth.
But T is the Holy Spirit in action as a “roaring Lion” or as “the old Serpent” instead of an “Angel of Light.” The twins of Set-Isis, harlot and beast, are busy with that sodomitic and incestuous lust which is the traditional formula for producing demi-gods, as in the cases of Mary and the Dove, Leda and the Swan, etc. The card is XI, the number of Magick AVD: aleph “The Fool” impregnating the woman according to the Word of yod, the Angel of the Lord! His sister has seduced her brother Beast, shaming the Sun with her sin; she has mastered the Lion, and enchanted the Serpent. Nature is outraged by Magick; man is bestialized and woman defiled. The conjunction produces a monster; it affirms regression of types. Instead of a man-God conceived of the Spirit of God by a virgin in innocence, we are asked to adore the bastard of a whore and a brute, begotten in shamefullest sin and born in most blasphemous bliss.”


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Of the Alchemists

Our Illuminated Brethren the Alchemists, being wise with the wisdom of God, and cunning with the cunning of men, did apply themselves more especially to physical Magick, to the finding of the Medicine of Metals and the Philosopher’s Stone, the Tinctures White and Red, and the Elixir of Life.
For (said they) with wealth cometh leisure, and with health energy, and with long life an extension of time; all these will we devote to the performance of The Great Work.
These secrets they indeed possessed, and the tradition handed down through the centuries hath not been lost.
O highly favoured of God!
O chosen from among men!
O Thou on whom the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ hath fallen!
It is to Thee that we reveal the Secret Ineffable and not to be divined. To Thee do we entrust the Arcanum Arcanorum, the Hidden Treasure of the Wise. Without it all is Cold, Inertia, Death; within is Fire, Energy, Genius, Creation. This is the Key to every door in the kingdom of Heaven; this is the Sceptre of the Realms that Are!
The possession and right use of this Secret giveth an hundred powers; yea, verily, five score is the numeration of the reward thereof. For this Mystery is of Jove himself whose letter is PK; and these are the initials of our athanor and our curcurbite, their name in the language of the Greeks.
Yet of all these powers I name but seven, the glories of Eulis; the stars upon the foreheads of the Brothers of Hermetic Light.
Luna. And of these the first is the building up of one that is not born; verily, a child of wonder shall he be.
Venus. And the second is the harmony and the mastery of one co-eval and co-operative with Thee from eternity, twin with Thee, and Thy mate.
Mars. By the third cometh youth and beauty and energy, be Thou never so old.
Saturn. By the fourth is life prolonged at will.
Mercury. The fifth is the attainment of the Supreme, the Magick of Light.
Jupiter. The sixth guardeth and aideth Thee in the world wherein Thou workest: to high rank and honour shall it lead Thee, and from Thy hands shall pour forth rivers of blessing: yea verily and Amen.
Sol. And by the seventh Thou hast all Light, and knowest the cause of all, understanding alike the earthly and the spiritual soul of Man.
Is not this a possession worthier than all the dross of earth?
Is not this pearl richer than all the treasures of the seas?
Is not this a goal for whose attainment Thou shouldst fling away every garment? A prize to gain which is too tedious, no toil too arduous, no sacrifice too great? Thou hast aspired and Thou hast attained! It is this, no less, that this hour I crown Thee withal here in the Sanctuary of the Gnosis, Illustrious, Illuminated and now Thrice Holy Brother.

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From “Who, In Fact, You Really Are” Chapter 8, Magic

“There are various types of magic taught in the world: these mostly being of the low magic of the subconscious and conscious will, using those energies of suggestion and Magic of the stolen energies of others projected toward disincarnated spirits which are used for purposes of running around on the unconscious plane in the Garden, stealing from other people’s gardens to bring you that which you want because you cannot get it from “On High.” This as the low magic.

The entity Aleister Crowley indulged in this type of magic. The entity did spend great amounts of energy perfecting the middle self to control these energies of the low self— of his own, and of the disincarnated spirits of others—and to feed these energies through rituals, through symbols and through the manna which he could generate through various behaviors, using the sexual energies and the physical and subconscious and sensual passions and energies. The entity did succeed to some degree in becoming what may be termed a “dark magician” or a “grey magician” or a “black magician’.

The entity barely understood the concept of the “white magician” or the magician of the High Self, of the Light, for the Light which he gave to the beings which he worshiped was Light stolen from others, or Light brought from his low self—the manna of will, the mana of the low self, or the mana taken from the Light of others, or from their low self.

These energies being centered and focused on a particular living or disincarnated spirit became his hierarchy of demons or angels, and the entity appealed to these to do his bidding. This as an action which is fairly successful, but considering all the effort and work which is put into it, the entity was running a losing business, for his expense was outstripping his income. The entity could have accomplished much more at a simple, menial job of tending a Garden properly. Likewise, entities seeking power in any manner, in any way that avoids facing the Truth, the Real Self, the Light from whence they came, are entities who are fighting a losing battle with life.

As anti-matter comes straight down into matter and as the matter moves along in a horizontal direction, this action is the “L” or the carpenter’s square, the Builder, the Building force. The serpent was made to crawl on his belly in a horizontal direction— this after having come down as a thought from antimatter, moving down in a vertical direction—the serpent then lost its ability to move in any direction but horizontal, parallel to the matter or ground, this as the “L” or carpenter’s square, the Builder of consciousness. The serpent moving back up the staff, as in the symbol of the caduceus, where two serpents climb the staff toward the feathered bird above, this is symbolic of the thought-forms seeking their way from matter back toward the Light.

The feathers which entities of the North American continent wore for headdresses— both in modern times and in the times of the “old west” and before—these headdresses and these feathers are symbolic of the bird of paradise which, in turn, is symbolic of the High Self, the Lord, the Light, the dove of peace, the eagle, the phoenix. The bird has long been a symbol of the High Self and may also be seen in a very strong image known as the angel, which is a cross between a bird and a self—a physical human.

This type of symbology conveyed the messages of the teaching for those who were aware enough to understand, or intuitive enough to accept. This served as Light on the Path, and the religions have conveyed these symbols for those who sought the Light.

However, that not all were satisfied with the symbols and stated that they could not see any Light in those symbols, and therefore they would grab for the Light of others who did get Light from the symbols. Therefore these entities, seeing no Light from above, began worshiping the Light from beneath, that which was stolen from others, or that which was carried by the disincarnated spirits and demons, and therefore there became those who were known as devil worshipers, or Luciferians—those who lived off of the energies of the mind, but who were cut off from the energies of the Lord, the Light from Above.”

From “Alchemical Essays” by Ross Mack, chapter entitled “Magic”

“Much has been written about magic, including both magic white and black. Magic schools often include alchemy – or their version of what they think alchemy is – in their classes. Magicians vary in their technique, but primarily seek to influence people and events. This is where alchemists differ, as their goal is to work with Nature to improve and balance through the creative influence on the Earth. Magicians seek to use primal evolutionary forces to alter Nature to their own desire or plan. This is not to imply that all magicians are bad or misdirected. On the contrary, they can do some good work. The power to heal humans is an example of very good use of the acquired skills. Tribal shamans and medicine men demonstrate considerable powers over disease and the ability to positively influence others. They are often given great responsibility for the welfare of their entire group.

That tribal role is not the case in the West. Persons who become preoccupied with acquiring magical powers are often seduced into negative pursuits that put themselves and others in danger. The danger is to expose oneself to forces that meet no resistance. Imagine plugging yourself into the electrical power source with no protection – you would be electrocuted immediately your protection from such high voltage is to offer resistance through insulation. If nobody tells you about the rules with such energies, one needs guidance, practice, and a disciplined path to follow. Modern books on magic and witchcraft list many methods for gaining influence over people in specific ways. Many of these rituals and products are potentially dangerous in isolation as no preparation has been given or indicated as required. To attempt these ancient and powerful processes without senior guidance will result in permanent damage to one’s health and potential.

The misunderstood aspect of these instinctually intelligent energies is that they have a feedback system. Commonly called karma in the east or sin in the West, this feedback system manifests in an equal and opposite reaction to your actions. The responsibility taken on when one starts playing with such forces is important. Most beginners are unaware of any automatic feedback systems and assume that it is just fun or innocent. Like credit cards in the hands of careless people, the karma comes back to bite you many times over. Magicians pride themselves on being able to control this system through protective or neutralizing ritual. The protection gained from this only acts at whatever level the practitioner is aware of. There are always higher levels of influence with even stronger feedback systems in place. This universal reaction and response is unavoidable – it is part of our natural laws. Once we open ourselves up to the influence of such forces, we are involved forever, whether you wish to play the game or not.

These natural laws could also be referred to as instinctual intelligent energies that are self-directing. This means that they act with no emotional programming; no mercy as humans will see it. Emotion is a human concept. Natural laws or energies operate through a clear chain of action and response and result in what we experience as protection or grace. To a computer it is all zeros and dashes. To the higher energies of the Earth is all action and reaction.

All of the famous magicians knew how to invoke strong emotions in followers, and to use it to their advantage. Aleister Crowley, the great beast 666, dominated occult schools of the 1920s with his special brand of ritual and theatre. He understood how these energies worked, but chose to present them as entertainment for himself and his followers. The rituals and associated teachings of Crowley formed the basis of modern black magic in the West, and have the effect of invoking strong feedback systems that will self-correct any imbalance created through will power. The lesson is to stay out of things we don’t understand, or we will be burnt.”

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