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GlowPotion is a Life Regenerating Spiritual Treasure Chest filled with Jewels of Knowledge that expand your consciousness and self awareness by helping your body and mind get energized. Many people have sought for the knowledge of power far and wide, every where except the true source: within self-study and self examination. The trouble is, busy folks think they have too much to do to give attention to a delicate function they have always supposed automatic, never dreaming of the consequences and lingering sources of disorder affecting everyday normal activity by habits that subtly feed disease like the drops of water that wear away a stone. The stone is your mind, body, and soul…all of which is shaped and measured by what we do in our leisure time and patterns of habit – these are the rudders that steer your psyche, subconscious mind, and your entire life.

“Wearing away the Stone”

A drop of water on a stone, just once or twice a year, wears very little on it’s face, the stone should have no fear. The same drop dripping all day long, for decades at a time, will wear the surface clean away, of granite, sand, or lime. Life’s little drops of indiscretion, taken here and there, don’t make us fat and old and sick, nor make us lose our hair. It’s coffee, cokes, and alcohol, tobacco smoke, and cakes, and foods deep fried with lots of salt, that makes our pains and aches. ‘Tis when we swallow every day, the fats and cokes and smoke, like the stone, we wear away, in time our health is broke. It’s pandering to our appetites, bad habits formed while young, poor choices made at every meal, to only please the tongue. It’s failing to accept the truth, and living like the crowd, that robs us of our health and youth, before God’s time allowed. Like the constant drip on stone, we wear away our strength. Until our constitution’s blown, and life has shortened length, always keep foremost in mind, that things done now and then, don’t hurt at all compared to things, we have done for days on end. There’s Wisdom in this little rhyme, to take with frown or grin, continue doing what you have always done, and you’ll be where you have always been.

The cause of disease and low energy are, as we all know, from diet, lifestyle- but most of all how our leisure time is invested. Thus our battle begins with the cravings, the mindless habits, the unbridled urges to satiate something inside us we essentially don’t want or need because it distracts our process of awakening and acquiring our full potential for vibrant health.

A high level of purity must be established to really start GLOWING, and this requires removing all of the parasites which steal your energy so that they do not disturb the reactivation of your body’s innate ability to rejuvenate. Remember, you are what you eat! Remove 80% meat, sugar, dairy, eggs, bread, and quickly aim for an all no cooking diet. Cooked food kills the natural friendly enzymes your body needs to digest properly, which forces your white blood cells to attack your body which is the main cause of inflammation. Cooked food also destroys almost all nutritional value, leading to sedation, slumber, and irritability as your body struggles to rid itself of the dead sludge. The belly area deals with digestion and overall immunity levels and esoteric psychology also reveals the belly has a mind of its own and processes more chemical signals than the brain. The belly is ultimately what determines our moods, feelings, energy levels, and the mental discrimination between useful and not useful activities.

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About GlowPotion

Interested in spiritual regeneration and self improvement by acquiring radiant, glowing, healthy skin, and bright clear eyes with the use of cleansing foods, vitamins, fresh juices and medicinal plants.
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